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Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship is woven into our company's DNA. Duror, the name of our family business since 1938, is a reference to 'durable comme de l'or' or 'sustainable as gold'. For four generations, we have done everything we can to create quality fashion to enjoy for years to come.


From creation to aftercare, we commit to sustainable fashion by designing collections which you enjoy for a long time. Quality is our main motivation. We make clothes that do not just look good, but also fit perfectly and that you will enjoy for years to come. Our design team matches creativity with a perfect fit, and fashion sense with timeless designs. That is how we make high quality fashion that lasts. Read more about our initiatives.


For us, sustainability is more than committing to slow fashion, and already begins with ethical production. For the production of both our women’s and men’s collections, we work exclusively with long-term partners. In Tunisia, we even have our own production workshop, where our dresses, skirts and blouses are made. We know each other well, work together at a high level with respect for each other, and pay a fair price. We visit these workshops on a regular basis in order to maintain relations. Our stylists greatly value this: we have already been working together with a third of our partners for more than 10 years!

Furthermore, our partners sign our ‘Social Compliance Document’, a code of conduct which ensures a good working environment, such as a fair wage and a ban on child labour. As many as 81% of our partners have signed this document.


As a fashion company, we firmly believe in the importance of social engagement. This is why we support various projects that are close to our heart. Every year, the Duror Fashion Group donates a percentage of our profit, via Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs), to Join For Water. Join For Water is an organisation that is active in developing countries where it works on sustainable solutions. Click here to request more information.

Join for water


Our brand name Terre Bleue refers to our ‘blue’ earth. Water covers more than 70% of our planet’s surface and the blue in our name and the logo are therefore symbolic of water and reliability. Join For Water focuses on the preservation and protection of fresh water supplies in developing countries. Join For Water works together with the local community on sustainable solutions to ensure that people have access to safe drinking water, both now and in the future. Through Join For Water we support various water projects. Because water is the basis of all life.

You can read more here about our initiatives in partnership with Join For Water.

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