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Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship is woven into our company's DNA. Duror, the name of our family business since 1938, is a reference to 'durable comme de l'or' or 'sustainable as gold'. For four generations, we have done everything we can to create sustainable clothing.

But what exactly does sustainable entrepreneurship mean? For Duror, it is anything but a trend, it is a philosophy that revolves around respect, both for people (our customers and employees) and for nature and society.

Sustainable clothing for you, our customer!

Quality is our main motivation. We make fair clothes that do not just look good, but also fit perfectly and that you will enjoy for years to come. Our design team matches creativity with a perfect fit, and fashion sense with timeless designs. That is how we make top-quality sustainable fashion.

Each garment undergoes extensive quality testing. This is the only way we can make sustainable clothing without an expiry date. We also help you after your purchase to extend the lifespan of your clothing. That is why we give you personalised washing advice.

We prefer natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, in our collections. However, we also use synthetic materials to provide a perfect fit and ultimate comfort. Thanks to innovation and technological developments, we are constantly improving our ecological footprint. For example, in 2019 we developed our first Eco Collection with 100% ecological clothing.

Fair clothing: who made my clothes?

The Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 shook the fashion industry thoroughly. 1,134 people died in a textile factory in Bangladesh. The global Fashion Revolution that was launched afterwards, strives for a better, fairer fashion industry and focuses on more transparency in the production chain. Who made your clothes?

Our love for fashion has been going hand in hand with a love for people for years. We are very proud of our own production workshop and the small-scale top manufacturers that we have been working with for years. Our designers visit the workshops regularly and we personally make sure that every step in the production process is fair and sustainable. Attention is paid to a healthy, sound working environment with an eye for the wellbeing of the employees. Growth opportunities and training in the workshop are part of this.

To the question 'who made my clothes?', which is central to the Fashion Revolution, we are proud to answer…

They make your sustainable clothing:


'Fashion is my passion. Because of the training courses we can take in the workshop, I learn every day and grow in my job. The good atmosphere in the workshop is an important plus for me: I have a committed boss and work in a great team.'

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Respect for nature and our society

Sustainable, fair clothing is not just made with respect for people, but also with respect for our living environment, i.e. nature and society. As a fashion company, we are convinced that social commitment is indispensable when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship. That is why we support various projects that are close to our heart. We focus on three themes: entrepreneurship, women and water.

With Duror Fashion Group, we annually donate a percentage of our profits to Incofin and Join For Water, two organisations working on sustainable solutions in developing countries. The social investment company Incofin supports entrepreneurial women in developing countries and thus also ensures that women can offer their children more educational opportunities. Join For Water focuses on access to water in developing areas: a necessity for successfully building a community.

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