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Perfect fit

Stylish, comfortable and sits perfectly

Our clothing is comfortable and flattering. You feel that immediately. After all, our designers and stylists spend twelve months working on a single collection. Each garment is tried on and adjusted until it sits exactly right. Not only on a tailor’s dummy but on real people too.

"Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be."

Comfortable and flattering

Did you know that every garment in our collection has been worn at least six times before it is hung in our boutiques as a finished jumper, skirt or pair of trousers? We test the quality and fit ourselves, and we use an independent test panel of real people. That is the only way we can guarantee you that every skirt, pair of trousers or blazer is comfortable and sits perfectly.

An outfit that sits perfectly streamlines your figure and boosts your self-confidence. You feel good and it shows. With each design our designers look for the most flattering fit for every figure.

Personalized style advice

We train the stylists in our stores to be able to give you professional and personalized style advice. The perfect outfit involves so much more than just the right size. It is clothing that suits your body, your skin type and, above all, your style and lifestyle.


Do you want to enjoy professional style advice?