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Quality is not coincidental

Quality is our trademark, our promise to you. And we go a long way, a very long way, to guarantee that quality. We work with the best suppliers and subject every fabric and every garment to quality tests. We test washing, shrinkage, colourfastness, tearing and wearability. 

“My hands and my eyes are my most important tools.”

Fashion that lasts

In contrast to fast fashion and the culture of disposability, we at Terre Bleue opt for fewer and better pieces. Creative and timeless designs of an impeccable quality. Clothes that make you happy - today, next season and in a few years’ time, too.

That is why we rely on small-scale, high-quality manufacturers we have worked with for years. The Studio Terre Bleue team visits the production workshops regularly. Terre Bleue also owns a production site. That way oversee that our collections are produced fairly. Corporate social responsibilty (CSR) isn't just a trend for us. It's a philosophy that runs through each fibre of the brand.

“We work on each piece till the very last moment.”

Gert, Stylist Terre Bleue

Quality tests on fabrics and garments

We carry out quality tests on all the fabrics we use in a collection. We wash them, test them for colourfastness, check how they react to rubbing, whether they tear easily, etc.

Even when a garment is finished it is subjected to various tests. And not only in the safe environment of our design studio or on a tailor’s dummy. Every design is worn and washed at least six times before it is finalised and ends up in our boutiques.

Quality packaging

Because we cherish our clothing, we pack every purchase in our boutiques and every online order with an eye for detail. Each garment is wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a box or carrier bag.

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