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Capsule wardrobe


Every great wardrobe starts with the right basics: timeless, essential investment pieces you can use to build any look. The ideal basics are essential, not seasonal. You can pair them to create countless looks, or use them as a base for more seasonal and/or trending styles. But what pieces do you need to build that ideal capsule wardrobe? Explore the options in our Core collection.

  1. Jeans
  2. Tank top
  3. Shirt
  4. Blazer
  5. Dress trousers
  6. Pullover
  7. Denim jacket
  8. Trench coat
  9. Crossbody or shoulder bag
  10. Blouse or shirt
  11. Turtleneck
  12. Cardigan
  13. Denim skirt
  14. Dress


Denim is still one of the key fabrics in your wardrobe. First up: jeans. Whether they're skinny, straight, or wide-leg, jeans are a basic piece you'll wear almost daily, in every season. The denim jacket is another essential element for more casual looks, and it's a piece you'll likely keep for life. The denim skirt is an extra denim essential for women that's both versatile and cool.


Basic tops like a tank top and a simple t-shirt are essential. You can use them as a base layer, but they’re a classic look all on their own, too. It's a good idea to go with soft shades like white, ecru, grey, and navy that aren't overpowering. Black is always an option, but can give your face a harsh cast. Navy blue or charcoal are both great alternatives.


If the look you're going for is professional, chic, or business proof, your best choice is a blouse or shirt, dress trousers, and blazer, which can work layered or on their own. But no one ever said it had to be stuffy. An accent detail (like oversized blouse sleeves or a subtle dart at the waist of your shirt) can create a modern look that fits your personal style. Dressy trousers can be narrow or wide-leg, but a solid colour and natural materials like cotton will give them a classy touch. When it comes to the blazer, your fit options are endless: fitted, straight, or oversized.


Make your wardrobe season-proof by thinking in layers. A pullover and/or cardigan are essential pieces, but you don't want to forget the classic turtleneck, so you can decide how warm you want to be, layer by layer. Neutral colours go with every outfit, which makes them the perfect wardrobe staple.


The trench coat is a statement piece in itself that transcends seasons. It's a classic must-have in ecru or beige for both men and women. Its versatility, class, and material make it an instant essential that's modern, rainproof, and not too hot or too cold.


The ultimate capsule wardrobe is built around more than just clothes. Men rely on the shoulder bag day in and day out (it's a casual make-up-have for your laptop, documents, and everyday essentials), while women may opt for a classic crossbody (that's roomy enough for all your accessories but let's your move through your day hands-free). A bag completes your outfit, so you can go with either a natural hue or a bold, eye-catching shade.

The dress as is another essential that's key to every woman's wardrobe. Black may have once been the standard, but today you have the freedom to choose the hue that's right for you, neutral or otherwise. Mini or midi are perfect lengths, and with a fit that makes you feel great, the little dress will be your go-to for every occasion.