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Studio Terre Bleue

The right outfit boosts your self-confidence and makes you radiant, every moment of your busy day. Our designers at Studio Terre Bleue know that better than anyone. It is what drives us. Season after season.

Get to know our designers

Studio Terre Bleue is the creative team behind Terre Bleue. The team designs every collection, for women and men. Take a look behind the scenes with our passionate designers and stylists. 

With its eye for detail and impeccable quality, our design studio makes creative, stylish designs that are easy to combine. Did you know that we spend twelve months working on each new collection? And that each design is tried on at least six times before it goes into our boutique – not just on tailor’s dummies, but by real people, too.

“Our tailor’s models are our best friends.”   

Quality is timeless

Every season we search diligently for the fabrics, colours cuts that will flatter you. We never compromise on quality. We believe in sustainability and in the power of expertise. That is how we make outfits that you will cherish your whole life. Casual chic. Easy to combine. And above all timeless…

“First the stylists get to work. Like architects, they think up the plan for the collection. Then it is the turn of the modelists. They take care of the fit and the sizes.” ”

Fit with a capital F

It is the perfect fit that makes our designs convincing. Not only do they look good, they also sit perfectly. To feel really good in an outfit it is essential that you are comfortable wearing it. Our designers’ eye for detail makes our clothing attractive too. They give every look extra ‘sparkle’, with unusual piping, buttons or a special finish.

Typically Terre Bleue. Not just any design – Belgian top design. Down to the smallest detail. Made for your life.

Belgian fashion

Located in Eke, in the Belgian province of East Flanders, our design studio is literally at the heart of the company. Belgian fashion has been riding high in the international market for years and the Antwerp Fashion Academy is a real breeding ground for creativity and fashion talent. So we are very proud of our ‘Designed in Belgium’ label.

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