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Terre Bleue Stories

Details make the difference

Details make the difference between an average outfit and an elegant, fashionable look. The designers at Studio Terre Bleue attach a great deal of importance to getting the details and finish right on every piece of clothing. Details are part of our quality guarantee. From a glitter accent on a tank top to a dress with bell sleeves… 


Discover how to use details cleverly in an outfit:

1. No white T-shirts without some extra sparkle

Basics, like a white T-shirt or a denim jacket, don’t have to be dull. At Terre Bleue we give them some extra sparkle. A glitter accent, flower print, brooch ...

"We’re always looking for that little sparkle, the detail that makes a Terre Bleue item just a little bit more special. Piping, a print ... Sometimes it’s very subtle, sometimes more striking."

Sophie, stylist Terre Bleue


2. Style advice, right down to the smallest details

We are pleased to give you personal style advice in our boutiques. You will find our handy colour advice online too. Details are crucial. Here are four tips:

  • Roll up the sleeves of your denim jacket for a more casual look.
  • Combine a dress with bell sleeves with a blazer with three-quarter sleeves. It’s a great way to accentuate the bell sleeves.
  • With a straight dress, accentuate your waist by tying your cardigan belt. 
  • For the very tall, we work a 5-centimetre hem inside some dresses. That makes it easy to lengthen them so that they are perfect for you! 

Whatever you’re looking for – the perfect trousers, a flattering print, the right neckline for your figure – see our essential style tips here


3. Details balance your figure

With an eye for detail in your outfit you can hide less attractive features and accentuate your good ones.

  1. To flatter petite breasts, choose tops with frills or pleats on the front.
  2. To camouflage broad upper arms, opt for details at the wrists or choose a blouse with bell sleeves. These divert attention elsewhere.

Still looking for the right details to put the finishing touches to your outfit? You will find them in our collection.

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Details make the difference


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