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How do you combine colors and styles?

Here are some professional styling tips from Studio Terre Bleue.

Our Studio Terre Bleue designers and stylists make it easy for you to combine different garments in your wardrobe. The basis of every collection is the mix & match principle. Since we make sure all the colors and prints tone with each other, combining them is child’s play. 

For a party, you can easily combine your summer dress with a matching blazer. Or for a fun family outing, it is just as easy to combine it with a soft cardigan. Not quite the look you want? Come along to one of our tores where our stylists will be pleased to advise you.

1. First choose one favourite piece

Everything starts with that one piece that makes you feel really good. Your favourite trousers, the coat that always brings you luck or the pumps that make you happy. That is the basis you want to build on. 

2. Invest in a white shirt, jeans and a little black dress

Black trousers, a white blouse, jeans, a plain (white) T-shirt, black blazer and a timeless black dress – the little black dress. These are the basic essentials of any wardrobe. Perfect for any occasion and easy to combine. 

3. Go for a single eye-catcher

Combine your basics with a single eye-catcher. A piece of clothing with an unusual cut, a special color, a fun print, beautiful fabric or a particular detail.

4. Add color to your outfit

Want to spice things up? Go for color! The assistants in our boutiques will be pleased to advise you on what colors suit you best, or you can use our handy online color advice. With the right color your eyes will light up, your complexion will glow, and any little lines or wrinkles will be less noticeable.

5. Combine colors cleverly and stylishly

Subtly repeat a shade from your outfit in an accessory: your handbag, for example, or your belt, shoes, or even your nail varnish. You can give any outfit a boost with colorful accessories.

Do you like tone-on-tone? Then mix different fabrics, like silk with leather or wool, to make your outfit more interesting. An outfit in one color will appear to lengthen a petit silhouette.

Do you prefer more color? Look at Mix & Match to find out what colors go well together. And experiment to your heart’s content – anything goes, as long as you feel good in it! 

6. Layers are nice

Combine different layers, like a shirt with a sweater and a leather jacket. Choose items with different lengths and widths. Wide leg trousers combine well with a skinny roll-neck pullover or a turtleneck, for example. 

7. Be true to your style

Don’t like a trend or it just doesn’t suit you? Leave it then. Be true to your own style. 
8. Combine casual and chic, tough and sweet…

Sneakers under a party dress or tough jeans with a classic blazer? Great idea! Dare to put some contrast into your outfit by combining sweet and tough or chic and casual.

9. Accessories complete your outfit

Never go out without accessories. A colorful scarf, pretty bracelet or elegant handbag will upgrade any look. But keep your figure in mind when choosing accessories. A long necklace will lengthen your upper body. A fine, long necklace and earrings are flattering for short necks. Unless you have slim ankles and calves, shoes with ankle straps are better avoided. Wedges or sandals with open toes and block heels are a better choice.

​​​​​​​Looking for good basics, special accessories or colorful eye-catchers? 

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