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Mix and Match

Mix and match with these do's and dont's.

Do you know how to pair your pieces to create an overall look? Our designers are here to give you the low-down on how to put together a perfectly matched outfit in no time. With these guidelines, you'll never go wrong.

The styling commandments


1. Colour blocking: contrast works!

Colours with sharp contrast make for surprising combinations. Try pairings like fuchsia or lilac with red, purple with yellow, and green or navy blue with orange.

Combining contrasting colours creates a powerful, energetic, confident look.

2. Tone-on-tone

Pair different shades of the same colour for a nice, clean look. Soft tone-on-tone colours give your outfit a composed feel and also make you look taller.

Choose different textures and materials in the same hue(s).

3. Combine similar shades

Colours that are close together usually pair well. For example, red-orange-yellow and purple-blue-green.

4. Monochrome in black, white, grey, or navy.

Want to skip the colour? Then opt for neutral shades like black, white, grey, or navy, which pair effortlessly. Try combining a dark shade with a lighter one, like navy trousers with white top, or grey t-shirt with a white skirt.

Pieces in these hues form the perfect foundation for your wardrobe, and you can use them to create countless looks.

A classic trench coat or overcoat in ecru or camel will bring more dimension to your look.

5. Combine different types of clothing

Clothes are often relegated to the back of the closet because they just don't match our vision. That spaghetti strap dress may feel too revealing for everyday wear, so try pairing it with a cool shirt or turtleneck.

Or that bandeau top: why not wear it over an oversized shirt or dress?

When you aren't afraid to play with combinations, you'll get more out of your wardrobe.


1. Animal prints AND bright colours.

An animal print is a classic that pairs perfectly with simple jeans or with neutral shades like ecru and black.

But you're better off avoiding other prints or bright colours to prevent visual overload.

2. More than three colours at once

Playing with colour combinations is great, but limit your look to three different colours. That way you stick to a theme without overdoing it.

3. Forget your shoes

An outfit is more than just the clothes: your shoes and accessories are an essential part of every look. So don't forget to incorporate your shoes into your outfit instead of throwing them on haphazardly at the end.

4. Just follow the rules

Do's and don'ts are tips that can help you put together a look, but what's most important is doing your own thing. In the end, it's about what you like and what you feel good wearing.

When it comes to clothes, you can play around. In fact, trends often emerge from new, surprising combinations, but someone always has to take the first step. Go for it.

5. Be afraid to ask for advice

A second opinion is valuable, even if you disagree with it. Getting an outside perspective can help clarify your vision. Don't be afraid to seek out advice from your friends and/or family.

We want you to love what you're wearing. That's why our personal stylists are professionally trained and have years of experience giving personalised fashion advice. You can always ask one of the professional stylists in our shops for personalised sizing, style, and colour advice.

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