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Mix and Match

Combining clothes – it’s easy!

Do you mix & match outfits without difficulty? Every fashion season, our designers at Studio Terre Bleue create elegant and versatile clothes that are easy to combine. Contemporary classics that you can mix & match to suit your personality and style. Unique casual chic for every moment of your busy day!

Nine essential tips for combining colors


1. Contrast works!
You can always combine colors that contrast strongly. Black and white, for example, is an elegant classic. But navy blue and beige, red and green, or blue and orange are successful combinations too. People who combine contrasting colors come over as powerful and self-confident.

2. Go for tone-on-tone
Combine different shades of the same color. The result is a lovely, clean outfit. Soft tone-on-tone colors give you a calm, friendly aura.

3. Combine colors that are close to each other on the spectrum
Colors that are close to each other on the spectrum make a stylish combination. Take red and orange or beige and ecru, for example.

4. Use black, white or grey as your basis
Neutral colors like black, white or grey reinforce brighter colors and ensure balance in your outfit.

5. Choose fabrics with a range of coloring
It is easier to combine a variety of colors with a fabric like denim or a tweed jacket, made with yarns in varying tones. The greater the range of coloring, the more color combinations work.


1. Black and dark blue or brown
Black goes with almost any shade except dark blue and brown. You like that combination anyway? Then play with accessories and prints. Wear black tights with a dark blue dress, for example, or choose a flower print that combines black and brown.

2. White and ecru
White and ecru is not a nice combination. It is better to choose one or the other and go for a monochrome outfit. Or mix ecru with brown for timeless chic.

3. Brown and grey
Avoid combining brown and grey. The two shades are too neutral and don’t reinforce each other.

4. Don’t combine more than three colors at a time

Combining prints in six steps

1. When you are combining prints always choose one neutral print, like stripes or a leopard print. They fit with everything.

2. Combine prints that have at least one color in common.

3. Play with different sizes. The same prints in different sizes go well together, regardless of the colors. Wear a blouse with wide stripes with trousers with a pin stripe, for example.

4. Don’t mix more than three prints. Too busy for you? Then go for one neutral print in the combination. 

5. Combine contrasting colors. A white blazer with black stripes goes well with a black dress with white stripes.

6. Experiment! That is often the way to put together the best combinations and the most original outfits.

Would you like advice on the best colors and combinations for your skin type?

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