To the question 'who made my clothes?', which is central to the Fashion Revolution, we are proud to answer…


'What do I love the most in my job? I want to give women an elegant look. It's incredible how a detail, a creative touch and a hint of femininity can completely change a silhouette.'


'I have a great eye for detail and that's a talent that can be put to good use in my job. Nothing escapes my attention! I get a lot of satisfaction from my job and I'm very proud of my work in the workshop.'


‘I've been working in clothing for 32 years and I'm now using that experience to train apprentices and young employees. In this way, the new generation can start out their career well-prepared in the workshop. When I see that my students are doing well in their jobs afterwards, I become very proud.'


'My dream is to become a pattern-maker later on. I look up to people with a lot of expertise, like Naziha.'

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