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Water initiatives

One drop at a time

One of the main projects we strongly believe in is educating our brand-lovers about the advantages of fewer washing your clothes, as well as providing Care products to help them achieve this goal. By washing less, you can significantly reduce the usage of water. To help protect your garments as good as possible, we’re more than happy to provide an extensive Care Guide.

Join For Water
Supporting sustainable water projects

Another set initiative is our passionate involvement with the organisation Join For Water, by donating a percentage of our profit via Ondernemers voor Ondernemers to them every year. This Belgian organisation has various projects in developing countries, dedicated to providing access to (drinking) water, as well as creating sustainable water policies. Every five years, we sponsor a different project until completion. You can request our transcripts at any time.

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Supported projects at Join For Water
Dedicated to a new region every 5 years

In the past years we have supported a water management project in two Haitian river basins. Together, we made sure that 28,000 people were given access to safe drinking water and we irrigated 840 hectares of agricultural land. As our current initiative we are supporting a project to protect Uganda’s water supplies, providing assistance in multiple areas, such as the protection of water sources and source zones by planting trees and reinforcing river banks but also through providing the local population with the necessary know-how.

Bleue Friday Weekend
From black to bleue

At Terre Bleue, we do not support Black Friday nor Cyber Monday, as it contradicts our beliefs and values: fast fashion is not what we stand for. We want you to shop responsibly and with care. Since 2022 we choose ‘Bleue Friday Weekend’, paying homage to the wonderful Join For Water organisation. During Bleue Friday, we donate a percentage of each purchase their cause. 0% discount, 10% support.