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The suit reinvented.

What was once for men only is now a favourite two piece for women: forget dresses, power suits are the way to go. And no, it doesn't have to be tweed or a matte fabric. Think outside the box and rediscover a suit that breaks all the norms. SUIT24 explores boxy cuts, oversized fits, and denim re-designs that take the suit to a new level, complemented by easy-to-match tops and shirts.

The power of simplicity
First up, let's explore pieces that define minimalism. Simplicity, quality, and soft hues: that's all you need for a suit with a powerful, no-nonsense appeal. Shades like pastel yellow, ecru, and beige enhance the precise cuts and put the focus on you. For men, there's an ode to the classic waistline with a dart at the waist, while women can make an oversized statement: the suit is for everyone.

Think outside the box

Think cool, modern, and comfortable. Break away from fixed ideas and keep it fresh in denim. Suits don't have to be confined to traditional fabrics: we want denim and we want it now.

You'll find the perfect in between for women in the cropped set: an old-school chalk pattern on navy blue gets a modern twist with the cropped cardigan, a cool, sleek look that rivals the energy of denim.

Dare to be seen

You'll find SS24 trend colours lilac and coral adorning our most colourful suits. Our favourite? The subtle red-checked women's suit (très chic), although the oversized suit in lilac is absolutely enticing, a showstopper if you aren't afraid of colour. They're styles made to stand out, that much is certain.