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Care for what you wear

Take care of your garments​​​​​​​

You take care of what you love. So let us help you with that. Every garment we offer has gone through a thorough process of optimal fabric and fibre selection and all-round testing. By setting the bar high when it comes to quality and design, we ensure to lengthen the lifespan of your pieces and help avoid consumerism resulting in waste and excess. To help you care for your items at home, we love to go the extra mile by offering you an extensive Care Guide, access to our Terre Bleue touch-up and repair service, as well as our very own range of care products.

Garments of the highest quality

Fewer and better pieces

In contrast to fast fashion and the culture of disposability, we at Terre Bleue opt for fewer and better pieces. Creative and timeless designs of an impeccable quality. Clothes that make you happy - today, next season and in a few years’ time, too.

Quality is our trademark, our promise to you. And we go a long way, a very long way, to guarantee that quality. We work with the best suppliers and subject every fabric and every garment to meticulous quality controls. We test washing, shrinkage, colourfastness, tearing and wearability. Even when a garment is finished it is subjected to various tests. And not only in the safe environment of our design studio or on a tailor’s dummy. Every design is worn and washed at least six times before it is finalised and ends up in our shops.

Natural fibres
Carefully selected for you

Our fibres are carefully selected.. We love natural materials such as linen, cotton and soft wools, and will include those whenever possible, as we’re sure you’ll love them too. Clothing is not solely functional, it’s also a tactile experience. How often do you catch yourself feeling a piece of fabric when browsing through the hangers in store? It’s embedded in our nature. The easiest translation of quality is directly felt upon touch.

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Care Guide
Happy to help

Caring for you items starts with us and is maintained at home. The care label may seem like an insignificant part of your garment, but it’s actually vital information to help you wash your piece the right way. With a set of unique laundry symbols, this small label tells you exactly how your clothing should be washed and dried. The instructions vary depending on fabric, fit and construction.

Asides from guiding you on how to interpret the care label symbols, we’d also like to offer you some of our key washing rules, dedicated information on how to care for your knitwear, and some tips & tricks on how to treat accidental stains. Let’s treasure your pieces, together.

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Care products
Natural ingredients, produced in Belgium

To help you care for your items and save resources by washing less, we offer an all-natural range of four care products for clothing and shoes, in collaboration with Nanex. As a top Belgian company, Nanex creates all kinds of eco-friendly care products for textiles with a view to sustainability. Our unique care line consists of natural ingredients and is produced entirely in Belgium.

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Touch-up and repair service
An additional service at Terre Bleue

A missing button shouldn’t result in you tossing your favourite blouse out. Neither should a desire for shorter trouser legs or maybe a longer hemline hold you back from keeping a piece. To make sure a piece is fit for you, we’ll always provide spare buttons, a surplus of fabric to let out if desired, or even some extra thread for your knitted items.

All of our stores offer a touch-up and repair service. There, you can rely on us for alterations and repairs. Our team of experienced stylists will offer you any guidance or assistance required to make sure your pieces are altered perfectly and fit you like a glove. We exclusively work with regional entrepreneurs to provide this service, in support of the local businesses. Keep in mind that the fees can therefore vary a bit, depending on the region. You can consult the rates in store. That being said, we always strive to keep pricing low and correct. If you’re in need of a repair for a current season style, for example fixing a small lining tear or adding a lost button, we’ll even offer you the repair completely free of charge.

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