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Give your look a color boost

Do you dare to wear colors? Our designers and stylists from Studio Terre Bleue are convinced that colors bring the necessary fun and feel-good touch to your wardrobe. Follow these tips and go for color this season too!

Must-read tips for colorful outfits:

​​​​​​​1. Choose colors to suit your complexion

Our stylists are trained to diagnose your color type and to give you free advice on the colors that flatter your skin tone. So why not come along to one of our boutiques and ask a stylist for personal advice on the colors that suit you? If you prefer to do it yourself, then you can discover your color type using our online color advice page.

2. Washing instructions for colorful clothes

Just bought a garement in a feel good color? Fix the color by soaking in a bucket of water with some vinegar. You can also prevent disoloration with colour-protective wipes.

3. The best way to wash white clothes

It’s not only colored clothing that’s a challenge to wash. White T-shirts, tops, dresses and pullovers often come out of the wash with yellow stains or looking grey. When it comes to yellow stains, the culprit is usually your deodorant, so choose one that doesn’t contain aluminium. 

Still got yellow stains? Pour a small cup of water mixed with a dessertspoonful of vinegar onto the stain on your white T-shirt. Leave to soak for half an hour. Problem solved! Find more tips on washing your clothing correctly in our care instructions.​​​​​​​

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