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Denim drop

A Bleue hommage

Denim is a key basic essential, one of the most versatile, durable, and stylish fabrics. Who doesn't love it? Explore its versatility in this limited collection for women+men, featuring diverse styles complemented by natural neutrals. From cool to sophisticated, here's to a Bleue homage.

The colour of summer.

Denim doesn't always have to be blue. Ecru is the trend colour for Spring/Summer, enhancing your summer vibe (which we think is a win). Light denim is relaxed casual and surprisingly sophisticated.

It’s effortlessly cool with a flannel shirt or jumper, eye-catching as denim-on-denim, or as a sophisticated accent piece. The SS24 it-style is the women's pullover featuring embroidered lemons. When life gives you lemons, wear denim.

Timeless, versatile, for everyone.

The denim jacket is an all-time classic that deserves a place in every wardrobe. Pale, mid, or dark, this must-have will make your outfit. Our top styles are the dark blue denim jacket for him (cool, mysterious, and goes with everything) and the oversized jacket with meticulously embroidered plants for her. Pieces that - by popular demand - you'll have to lend to friends or family more than once.

The denim promise

Jeans (and denim) were born in the 1870s as a response to the demand for workwear: the fabric was created to resist wear and tear, so you do your job with no constraints. They're features that remained throughout the centuries. It's casual work attire that's quickly become a basic centrepiece in our wardrobes.

Explore the casual promise in this limited drop with breezy, timeless pieces: denim shirts and skirts, neutral tops and t-shirts, and the versatile shirt dress will complement your denim favourites to create the ultimate effortless looks.

Soft jersey and a pop of blue

Last but not least, our exclusive drop brings you denim-inspired must haves: odes to a range of blue hues and natural materials.

From jersey pullovers with an obviously inspired, sophisticated design to the cotton shirt with its subtle blue lines, denim doesn't always have to be literal. While the white blouse with oversized sleeves and graphic blue accents may steal the show for women, the grey speckled pullover is an essential summer style for men.

But ultimately, it’s you who decided which pieces are your true must-haves.