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Color advice

With the right color for your complexion your eyes will light up, your skin will glow, and irritating little lines and wrinkles will disappear. Do you know which colors look good on you? In our boutiques our stylists will analyse your color type free of charge and advise you on which colors suit you best. 

No time to visit our boutique? Here are some tips to help you decide for yourself whether you are a warm or cold type.

Tips to help you decide for yourself whether you are a warm or cold type:

1. Test with white and ecru

Place one hand on a piece of white paper and the other hand on a piece of ecru paper. You will see immediately which shade makes your skin look uneven and mottled. Or hold a white and ecru cloth close to your face, if white suits you best, you are a cold type. If ecru looks better on you, you are a warm type.

2. Color advice based on your veins

The color of your veins reveals your underlying skin tone too. If the veins on the inside of your wrists are blue, you’re a cold type. But if the color of your veins tends towards green, you’re a warm typ

Do you want to know more about which colors suit you?


Free color advice in our boutiques

Our stylists will be pleased to advise you.