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About us

Terre Bleue is a Belgian fashion house that sells smart casual clothing for women and men. We create outfits that make you look radiant every moment of the day.

"Why the name Terre Bleue? Terre Bleue is a reference to the blue planet, the Earth. Blue is a symbol for water, but means so much more. According to colour psychologists blue stands for ‘reliability’. Terre Bleue’s cross-shaped logo is a symbol of harmony in the Inca culture."

Stylish and easy to combine

For work, for leisure or for a party, our designers know exactly which stylish combinations and elegant looks will make you feel good. The secret? A perfect fit, top quality and creative design with an eye for detail.​​​​​​​ 

Studio Terre Bleue: our creative heart

Our stylists at Studio Terre Bleue spend twelve months working on each collection. In the design studio – the beating heart of our Belgian fashion house – every design takes shape, growing from a sketch into that favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe.  

Curious about our women’s and men’s collections? Discover them here.

Fashion house with a history

Terre Bleue is a fashion house with an authentic story. Our story is that of a passionate, enterprising family with a heart for fashion and a heart for people in particular.

Our story



Mauritz Perquy and his brother Jozef start a wholesale business in clothing and accessories. After a few years they name the young company Duror (inspired by the French for ‘as durable as gold’), because their main motivation is quality. It still is.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 1961-3


Jozef’s sons, Piet and Erik Perquy, take over and expand their range to include women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. This proves a success, generating explosive growth.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 1978(3)


The brothers are itching to put their own designs on the market. They launch their own brand, Porcini, with chic women’s clothing that is completely attuned to the spirit of the times.  

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 1988-4


Dirk Perquy, Jozef’s grandson, takes over the management of the family firm and launches Chummy Face, the company’s own collection of casual children’s clothing.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 2002


Mums are squeezing into the largest sizes of the Chummy Face children’s line. So, at the customers’ request, we start a casual chic line for women. The collection is called Terre Bleue.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 2004


We open our first dedicated boutique in our home city of Ghent.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 2009


Time to bring men in from the cold. We launch a men’s collection. Peter Perquy, the fourth generation, joins the family firm. He is the commercial director of Terre Bleue.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames 2012


Launch of the Terre Bleue online store.

Terre Bleue over ons tijdslijn dames Gigue


We pool our knowhow and expertise with the Belgian fashion brand Gigue, becoming part of the same fashion company.We begin our export strategy in the Netherlands.



We pool our knowhow and expertise with the Belgian fashion brand Zilton, becoming part of the same fashion company Duror Fashion Group.



Peter Perquy is taking over the management of the family business, making him the fourth generation at the helm of the fashion house.

Sustainability at Terre Bleue 

At Terre Bleue, we believe that it is vital to commit to sustainability where possible. This runs from respect for people and the living environment, to even the way in which we look at fashion. A few of our items also already have a small ecological advantage when it comes to material. You can easily recognise those more sustainable items from the quote ‘It’s only blue and natural’ on the accompanying label. You will discover everything about our various initiatives on the following pages.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Sustainability at Terre Bleue

Our fans

Terre Bleue ♥ you. Are you a fan of Terre Bleue too? Discover how radiant well-known and less well-known fans look in our clothing. And share your own favourite look on Instagram or on our Facebook page with the following hashtags: ​​​​​​​
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