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About Terre Bleue

At Terre Bleue, you discover fashion that stays with you. Durable, quality pieces for women+men, designed to love and last. Our world revolves around refined simplicity and connection. With pieces that breathe luxury while simultaneously being wearable at all times, we hope to inspire you to live your life to the fullest and treasure the garments you buy. Fall in love with our styles, while benefiting from their durability and timeless designs. Let them become your heirlooms, to be shared across generations. Natural materials, effortless fits, and endless love, that’s what we stand for. With over 16 stores and 150 retail dealers, we’re happy to be your go-to Belgian brand for him and her.

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The Hub is both actual and abstract. It’s the Terre Bleue centre, where everything starts. From first ideas to final pieces that made it to your wardrobe, this place truly is the beating heart of our creative flow. Within this space, we’d like to offer you an insight into our world, and inspire you with visuals, trends and thoughts. Discover an intimate look behind the scenes, read interviews with our designers, or simply get inspired by our mood boards, collab guest talks, and fashion tips.

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Brand history
It’s a bleue world

Founded by the Belgian fashion house ‘Duror’ (est. 1938), Terre Bleue was originally created to fulfil the growing need for more laid-back womenswear in the early 2000’s. At that time athletic wear started to slowly integrate into daily attire, strongly influenced by the American way of life. When moms, friends and all types of women started squeezing themselves in the biggest sizes of their casual children brand ‘Chummy Face’, the founding family realised they could offer them those styles through an adult collection. And thus, a new world was born in 2002.

The Terre Bleue vision revolves around refined simplicity and connection. A collection designed to go about your daily activities comfortably and effortlessly, while still looking good. No restrictions, no hassle, and no overdressing: wardrobe essentials that add a touch of luxury to your daily looks, complementing your style and needs. Clothes to live in, and to be shared across generations.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the men now, could we? Fast forward to 2009, when menswear was added to the collection. Terre Bleue was now officially a brand for women+men, well-known for its premium designs and impeccable quality to this day.

Our icon
A symbol of connection

Did you know our iconic cross logo is a playful, visual reference to connection? Which is exactly what we aim to inspire with our timeless designs for women+men. Notice how every line is connected, and crosses paths with one another. That’s exactly what it’s all about at Terre Bleue. Our pieces are designed to last and cherish. Daily luxuries to carry with you, both figuratively and literally.  A range of wardrobe essentials made for you, and the ones you love.

But it’s so much more than that. To us, our icon in popping blue is also a nod to harmony and durability. You can depend on us to be your trusted brand for clothing we know you’ll love and share. Get together. Enjoy the moment. Re-connect. At Terre Bleue, fashion is a way to ignite all of those things. Whether it’s by design, the use of natural materials, or effortless fits, we aspire to be your go-to Belgian brand for treasured clothing of the highest quality.