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Care advice

What is the best way to wash your clothes?

Do you know exactly what the symbols on the care labels in your clothing mean? Or do you take a chance now and then? If you want to enjoy your clothing for a long time, it is best to follow the care instructions. Our tips make washing clothes easy.

The designers at Studio Terre Bleue work on each collection with passion and the greatest of care. Every design is developed into a garment to cherish. Would you like to enjoy your new pullover, jeans or dress for a long time? Then it is best to follow the care instructions. That way, your favourite clothes will continue to look like new.

Care symbols: professional cleaning, machine wash or hand wash

First check whether you can wash your clothing yourself. These care symbols tell you:

Machine wash, showing the maximum water temperature.

Hand wash. Wash this garment by hand in lukewarm water. First dissolve the soap in water, then immerse your garment, squeezing it gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Do not wash.

Professional dry cleaning only.

If there is a line under the care symbol you must treat your garment extra carefully. Spin at a lower setting, choose a shorter wash programme or a programme for delicates.

Symbols for drying and ironing

We always advise against drying in a tumble dryer. This symbol shows you that:

On the care label you will also find advice about ironing. The iron symbol shows whether you can iron a piece of clothing and the maximum temperature you can use. The more dots, the hotter you can iron it.

These 7 laundry tips will keep your clothes looking good

  1. Never overfill your washing machine. Laundry needs space.
  2. Never let stains dry. Treat them immediately. Ox gall soap works wonders on grease, make-up and even chocolate and ink stains. Dab the stain with ox gall soap, allow to soak in for a while and then rinse.
  3. Wash your clothing inside out. That way, it will look better longer.
  4. It is best to wash new brightly-coloured clothes separately the first time. Or fix the colour before you wash your garment, by immersing it in a bucket of water with a dash of vinegar.
  5. Whenever possible hang clothes up after washing. They will have fewer creases and need less ironing.  Foto kapstokken
  6. Woollen jumpers and other knitwear are an exception. It is best to dry them flat or folded on a towel.
  7. Yellow stains on a white T-shirt? The culprit is often your deodorant. Choose one that does not contain aluminium. Still got a yellow stain? Mix a cup of water with a dash of vinegar and leave the mixture to soak into the stain. Rinse thoroughly - and it’s gone!

Care advice

Do you want to enjoy our knitwear for years?
With these washing and care tips, you can!

Dry your woollen jumpers flat or folded

Remove lint or pilling with a comb, razor or electric lint remover

Use a wool wash product

Never hang up knitted jumpers, jersey dresses or tops. Hanging stretches knitwear and pulls it out of shape. You can best fold wool or cashmere and lay it on a towel to dry.

Woollen jumpers, even of the best quality, will always pill to some extent. Remove lint or pilling from your knitwear with a comb or electric lint remover, or shave fuzz off carefully with a razor.

With the appropriate wool wash product your woollen jumper will remain soft.

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