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Did you know that an item of clothing is only worn 7 times on average? This is the result of a study by the University of Amsterdam (2018). The majority of the clothing production ends up on the waste heap or in the incinerator within a year, which also in turns puts considerable pressure on the environment. At Terre Bleue, we wish to help you to enjoy your clothing items for a long time. Hello slow fashion, hello happiness. Clothing that just makes you happy, and this through all seasons.

At Terre Bleue, we believe that, along with our customers and fans, we can bring about change in the consumer society. Because you have fashion which is high-quality and timeless for always. Just think of those favourite pants which you wear almost every day, or that lovely pullover which you snuggle up in so often. These are the items that we wish to create for you. Items that you wear much more often than 7 times, and which you can enjoy for almost a lifetime. To guarantee this for you, we are dedicated non-stop to quality and fit. Thanks to the numerous combination possibilities, you also transform every look to suit you and our items continue to surprise you. Read more here about how exactly we are committed to sustainable fashion, including a few handy tips & tricks. Let’s beat the seven together!

It's only blue and natural


Our brand name Terre Bleue stands for ‘blue earth’, a wink to our blue planet which consists of water for 70%. That wink also translates itself into our collections and the creative process of our designers at Studio Terre Bleue.

Did you reach this page via the QR code on your brand-new item of clothing? Then the fabric of your item has sustainable qualities. Step by step, we wish to reduce our ecological impact. With these items, we can already make a small contribution.

To check what advantage your item has exactly, you can visit the product page. The qualities are very diverse and vary per item. For instance, your new blouse or pants can consist of a composition of recycled materials. Or viscose from sustainably managed trees was used. Or perhaps, the wool came from ‘happy sheep’. Wool where extra care was taken regarding the welfare of the sheep and the land on which they graze. Small details with a large impact. You can easily recognise these items by the label ‘it’s only blue and natural’.


From creation to aftercare, we commit to creating fashion that is long-lasting, to enjoy for a long time. Quality is a high priority for us, and you notice that immediately during our creation. It is actually part of our DNA. At Studio Terre Bleue, we greatly value high-quality raw materials. For instance, we only select the best fabrics for you. Before they go into production, they also go through a whole series of quality tests. Just think of washing and shrinking tests or a check for colourfastness.

Good to know: we are giving a second life to certain fabrics and accessories which were surplus to previous collections. Our stylists ensure that they find a place in the new season. Less waste, more fashion.

In order to design long-term fashion, we look further than quality alone. With us, you enjoy the Terre Bleue way of life: clothing which makes you feel good and never goes out of style. Finding the fine balance between timelessness and trends is the challenge of Studio Terre Bleue, but one which we are always happy to take on. We want to offer you versatile items which you will still get compliments about after many years.


Items which you will never want to part with, thanks to the quality and stylish design. An average of wearing them 7 times will not happen to you. You will easily surpass this figure!

At Studio Terre Bleue, we pay extra attention to sustainability by designing collections for you with numerous combination possibilities. Whether you are going to work or having a fun get-together with friends: with even just one item you effortlessly create the ideal look. Mix & match according to your feeling and shine on every occasion.

In addition, we pay much attention to an optimal fit. Every item of clothing is tried on and adjusted, from tailor’s dummies to real people. Thanks to these tests, we can ensure that our clothing fits you like a glove. Where possible, we even provide an extra bit of zoom. For instance, you can completely personalise your skirts, dresses or pants to your ideal length. For an item that fits properly, you will just wear longer.

Care service


You take care of the things that you love. Our stylists are happy to give you a few tips & tricks for prolonging the lifespan of your purchases. Because an average of wearing something 7 times is just too low.

Unsure about how best to take care of certain items? Take a look at our laundry advice page: Laundry advice – Customer service - Terre Bleue. Thanks to our tips, your clothing will always look like new. From woollen pullovers to pants, you will find all the know-how to take care of your items as well as possible. For that matter, did you know that we also always provide a spare button, or for instance extra thread for knitted items? So you are already provided with everything.

You can also take steps from home to reduce your impact on the environment. Washing your clothes less often is not only beneficial for you, but also better for nature. To help you with this, we are offering you three care products for clothing and shoes in collaboration with Nanex. As a top Belgian company, Nanex creates all kinds of eco-friendly care products for textiles with a view to sustainability. Our unique care line consists of natural ingredients, and is produced entirely in Belgium.

Our products

With the water- and stain-repellent spray, you protect your clothes and shoes. In this way, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or food without any worries. Did you not use the protection spray and therefore still made a stain? Then you can easily remove this with the stain cleaner, and you do not have to wash the item immediately. With this soft gel, you effortlessly ensure that your item immediately looks like new again.

Last but not least, a refreshing textile spray has been developed to help you wear your clothes for longer before washing. The unscented spray neutralizes odours, and works for no less than thirty days. A win-win, for both you and the environment. Discover all the products here.


Despite this, do you still experience wear and tear or would you like a touch-up? No, problem, then just call in at one of our Terre Bleue boutiques. You can find our boutiques via our store locator and they are easily recognisable by the dark blue flag. For a small fee, you can enjoy our Terre Bleue Care Service to maintain and carry out touch-ups & repairs for life. So you do not need to part with your favourite items and the quality remains guaranteed. Our stylists in the boutiques will be pleased to help you further.

Discover all the possibilities and terms and conditions here. Let’s beat the seven together!

Of course, sustainability means more than committing to slow fashion. We believe that respect for people and our living environment is vital for the creation of durable, fair fashion. This is why we support various projects which are close to our heart. An ethical and responsible production is also our main priority. Read more here about our initiatives.​​​​​​​

Curious about our collections? Discover them now!


Research at the University of Amsterdam shows that an item of clothing is only worn 7 times. Thanks to our commitment to timeless quality items, you can easily exceed this average. Are you not yet ready to choose for slow fashion? Then you can go to Dressr as an eco-friendly alternative.

This online catalogue offers you the possibility of hiring a limited amount of items per month via a subscription. In this way, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air through your wardrobe on a regular basis and at the same time contribute to a lower impact on the environment. You can hire your items for as long as you want or exchange them for other items from the catalogue. While hiring them, have you fallen completely in love? Then enjoy a good discount on the normal sales price.

Find out more about Dressr

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