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Autumn/Winter 2017

Terre Bleue takes you on an adventure with 3 new fall collections. Every man is dressed in style from head to toe. From sporty and casual in soft pullovers, tight blazers and colorful chinos to classy and timeless in classic, rich fabrics for every occasion. Perfect for an everyday look at work, but also ideally suited for an evening out. A urban chic autumn it is! Discover the collection here.


New Collection women


Autumn/Winter 2017

Terre Bleue goes with the flow of the Scandinavian vibes this autumn: rough nature, ice-cold colours and clean looks inspire a significant style. These fresh nuances get enriched with fabrics like silk, poplin and velvet while bright colours and subtle prints provide additional depth. The Terre Bleue women collection stands for timeless pieces with a casual chic focus. Always the perfect look for every occasion. Discover the collection here.


Autumn/Winter 2017

Our juniors are urban explorers and powerful princesses. Soft pastel colours are tempting to each princess to be. The boys play with denim, combined with trendy sweaters in grey, red and browntoffe badges. These luxurious looks and fabrics with texture, embroidery and volume ensure the time of their life. Discover the collection here.

In the spotlight


Team Belgium visits the royal palace… in Terre Bleue!

King Phillipe and Queen Mathilde opened the doors of the royal palace for the Belgian top-athletes. Not only the delegates that were present during the Olympic Games in Rio, but also the winter sports athletes and Paralympics delegates were celebrated at the festive reception. And that in a Terre Bleue outfit!


Bloggers shine in Terre Bleue

Odeline MacDonald of Belgomums and fellow bloggers Evelyne of Mes Petits O and Emilie of Petit Em could recently enjoy a wonderful breakfast between friends in a Terre Bleue outfit. Odeline chose the shorts with subtle flower print and a blouse with shawl-collar, and she looked fantastic! She recounts her cosy morning on her blog Les petits papiers. Read it here and discover how the three of them shone in their Terre Bleue looks!

Read more - blogpost in French


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In the spotlight

Terre Bleue in Trends Style magazine

The name Terre Bleue is not merely a brand name to our company, but also a promise to work together for a better future. That's exactly why our CEO Dirk Perquy got dressed in his best Terre Bleue outfit and put his back into 'Ondernemers voor ondernemers'. Read all about the organisation and the beautiful work it does in this 'Trends Style' article.

Read more - interview in dutch


Visit us at the Rio House


The Olympic Games have begun

The starting pistol has been fired! The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have begun. And with this, Rio House in Oostende also opened its doors. Former tennis pro Dominique Monami, who was master of ceremonies for the occasion, got the evening off on the right track in an outfit from the Terre Bleue Olympic Collection. Netsky and Olympic fireworks wrapped up the evening.Sea, sand, a Brazilian atmosphere and the Olympic Games on a large screen: what more could you possibly need? Rio House is an initiative by the BOIC. Over 2,000 m² of beach has been converted into a genuine fan village with a range of facilities, including a judo mat, a beach volleyball court and a kids’ village. You can also enjoy workshops, music, performances and Radio 2 will even be there too. In short, the best place to see people such as the Terre Bleue ambassadors Pieter Timmers and Evi Van Acker at work. The entire Terre Bleue team are already fans.Rio House is located close to the Kursaal Westhelling in Oostende. Visit for free from 5 to 21 August. The opening was already a roaring success.


The Terre Bleue Olympic collection is now available!

You don’t need to be called Pieter Timmers or Evi Van Acker to wear the Terre Bleue Olympic collection. You too can as of now have top performance marks in the pieces of this unique line. Choose your favourites quickly in the Terre Bleue stores in Gent, Antwerp, Leuven, Bruges, Newport, Roeselare, Aalst, Oostende, Knokke or Hasselt. You can find the exact locations and opening times here.

About us

Terre Bleue through the years


Let’s celebrate

There’s something to celebrate at Terre Bleue! Or rather, to be completely correct: there’s something to celebrate at Duror, the group behind your favourite clothing brand. A jubilee! In 1976, the first stone was laid of the building in which Terre Bleue has up until now been active. And we are definitely proud of that.

That one special moment in 1976, to which even the mayor was summoned, is definitely one for the books. Because what started in 1938 as a textile products manufacturer became what makes the Terre Bleue universe part of the lives thousands of families today.

Many memorable moments have since then followed. Also 2002 is etched in our memories. The Terre Bleue label saw the day. From then on, it went fast. The first boutique opened its doors in 2004, the kids collection CF Company was renamed to Terre Bleue in 2008 and also the men received their own collection in 2009. The success was endless. In 2012 the 12th Terre Bleue shop opened in Nieuwpoort.

The success story of Terre Bleue is definitely not ending. On the contrary, today we add a new chapter. One with a digital touch, because as you may have noticed we have a brand new website. A fresh look, a clever design. And with that: welcome to our new spot, take your time to look around.

Behind the scenes

Olympic photoshoot with Belgian top athletes

The making of

Posing for the cameras; that’s definitely a change from a top sport. Athletes Pieter Timmers, Evi Van Acker, and Hans Van Alphen were happy to model for the campaign images of our Olympic collection.Take a look behind the scenes of the photoshoot here!


Combine style and comfort

The idea for our Olympic collection? We definitely found it in the world of sports! Because just like sports, Terre Bleue wants to give you a good feeling. How did we do this? Like always, by combining style and comfort. By closely involving the Belgian athletes during the creative process, two sub labels arose that perfectly connect to their environment. The first label is designed for the official occasions. More than 5 billion viewers will see the Belgian delegation parade in their Terre Bleue outfit. Women can choose between a skirt and loose pants, combined with a stylish top and a fitted jacket. Men wear their chino together with a jacket, shirt or polo. The second sub label includes the causal pieces: a T-shirt, shorts, fitted pants and a cardigan for women; a T-shirt, polo and bermuda shorts for men. Everything made of high quality materials, of course, because our athletes also want to look smart in the warm climate of Rio.

Behind the scenes

I’m going on a trip and I’m taking…


my Samsonite suitcase!

When we travel, we do it in style. These elegant Samsonite suitcases were perfect for the shoot of the campaign summer 2016. They perfectly match our Terre Bleue outfits, don’t you think?


Be ready for the big day!

With Terre Bleue, your communion or spring party will be an unforgettable day! Visit our online platform so that you can enjoy the special moment to the fullest. Next to the festive junior collection of Terre Bleue, you will also find nice party and decoration tips.

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New women collection


Spring/Summer 2016

This season Terre Bleue takes you with them to the French Riviera. The collection makes us long for the summer and dream of shades of azure blue, the scent of pine trees and wild flowers. Savour for days on end, until the sun goes down. La dolce vita is waiting and we are ready! Discover the collection in the Terre Bleue concept stores and online.


Spring/Summer 2016

The new season brings a unique mix of colours and styles. Dressier pieces are combined with casual basics. Blue hues alternate with craft colours and different prints can be worn together. The look for today’s modern man.

Behind the scenes

The Spring/Summer collection 2016

The making of

Take a look at the behind the scenes during the shooting of the Spring/Summer collection 2016! A romantic morning walk, charming Italian village streets, a cosy family dinner with the setting sun…San Remo was the perfect setting for the shooting of the new Terre Bleue collection. We have never looked forward this much to the summer!