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Terre Bleue is a Belgian brand of casual chic fashion clothing for women, men and kids who want to enjoy life to the fullest. And looking good while doing so is important. Whether you are looking for an outfit for work, a holiday or a festive occasion, you will definitely find a stylish look at Terre Bleue. In addition, you can easily combine our clothes with your existing wardrobe and thanks to the excellent quality you will enjoy it for many years.

In the press

A company in movement

As Terre Bleue now has a strong position on the Belgian market, we dare to look further. An expansion also brings along new challenges and demands for a breath of fresh air. Discover how Terre Bleue prepares itself for the next generation in the interview of Retail Detail magazine with CEO Dirk Perquy.

Read more here - interview in dutch


A look behind the scenes

Honesty, respect, trust and responsibility. Those are the values we aspire. In ‘Bazen aan Boord’, a documentary series which was broadcasted on Kanaal Z in 2014, CEO Dirk Perquy explains how these values inspire him and his company every day.

Social engagement

As a financially solid company, Terre Bleue wants to take its responsibility in society. Each year, we therefore donate a percentage of our profit via Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs to two organizations that are active in developing countries: Incofin, a social investment company, and PROTOS, that starts up water and sanitation projects. Why did we choose these charities? Because they, just like us, focus on sustainable prosperity. No temporary bandage on the wound, but structural solutions. That way Terre Bleue hopes to contribute to a better world.
The social commitment of Terre Bleue thus focuses on two pillars. First there are the micro-finance projects of Incofin that contribute to creating sustainable prosperity in the developing world. For several years we have predominantly been supporting women in developing countries through these projects. Thanks to micro-loans, they can develop small-scale economic activities. In this way we stimulate local enterprise and contribute to the education of their children. On the other hand, we focus on a number of projects that apply to the category ‘water’: water collection, purification, and irrigation. Water is the beginning of all life, and with these projects, we aim to contribute to the promotion of health.
The name Terre Bleue is linked to the Earth, our blue planet. Water is the first building block of development, both through health (clean drinking water is essential for survival) and through agriculture (irrigation makes agriculture possible in dry areas). Access to water is therefore critical for sustainable community building. Although the earth consists mostly of water, less than 1% of it is drinkable. Especially in Africa, the lack of potable water is a big problem. Terre Bleue has therefore chosen to support the water and sanitation projects of PROTOS in Ituri, the Democratic Republic of Congo, through donations. Since 1982 PROTOS, in collaboration with the local NGO partner CIDRI, has built more than 10 drinking water systems in the region of Ituri. This gave 400,000 people access to drinking water. The PROTOS program runs continuously: the existing systems are maintained and new drinking water systems are constructed. PROTOS also devotes considerable attention to improving the sanitary facilities of the population, among other things in hospitals and schools, and the importance of good sanitation and hygiene are taught through training and courses. After a successful start, we have supported this project since 2013. Terre Bleue is committed in Burundi too. Through water management and integration of sustainable family farming practices, we contribute to food security.

Our philosophy

Look good, feel better

Terre Bleue wants to do more than only designing and selling clothes. We want to let you enjoy fashion and inspire you to get more out of life. But above all, we want to make you feel good. How do we do this? By always being ourselves. Reliable, optimistic, authentic. Passionate about people. Whether it is about the creation of the collections, the set-up of the offices or the design of the logo, these values are always the driving force behind everything we do.
This also applies to our clothing, which is designed to make you look good and attractive for every occasion. Clothing that will make you stand out, without being conspicuous. Clothing that will make you shine and feel good. What makes Terre Bleue unique is the extra sparkle. A sparkle that perfectly matches your positive and dynamic attitude. Casual chic does not only apply to our fashion-conscious and natural clothing style, but also to the way we stand in life: optimistic, full of self-confidence and with an open mind. In short, enjoying life to the fullest.

Our history

How it all began

From a wholesale in clothing and accessories, to a playful collection of kids clothing to a real fashion brand for women, men and junior; a long history precedes to the establishment of Terre Bleue. And it is just because of that rich history and the know-how that has been gathered along the way, that Terre Bleue has been able to become what it is today: a Belgian fashion brand that owns 14 boutiques and is being sold in more than three hundred multibrand boutiques.

It all began in 1938 when Maurice Perquy decided with his wife and brother to establish the company Perquy-Braet. Their range of hats, scarves and socks proved to be highly demanded. The company was renamed Duror – Durable comme de l’or – to emphasize that quality was the main motivation. And that is still the case. Under the direction of their sons Piet and Erik the range was expanded further with a collection of women’s, men’s and junior clothing, after which the company experienced an explosive growth. But their ambition reached beyond that. In the 70’s the brothers launched two own collections: Porcini, a festive collection of women’s clothing and Chummy Face, a collection of casual kids clothing. Especially the latter was a great success, and not only for the youngest. In the absence of casual fashion clothing for women, mums bought the biggest sizes for themselves. And so Terre Bleue was born in 2002.

A strong brand requires its own boutique, and the first one was opened in Ghent in 2004. Five years later the success story continued with the launch of the men’s collection and the opening of the first boutique where the 3 clothing collections were being sold, the 1st family store.

Name changes were being made – Duror became Duror/Two Faces and the kids collection was renamed Terre Bleue Junior – but the success formula remained unchanged: qualitative, easy to combine and original clothing. The expansion with a range of shoes for women and junior in the following years completed the picture. Recently men’s shoes were added. Three generations later, the former family business has grown into a real fashion brand for the entire family. And with Dirk Perquy as the current owner and his son Peter as his successor the company’s future is looking as promising as its history.